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Hair Spa Day Queen

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Cheers to a perfect shelfie and to perfect hair! 

Key Ingredients

Whether you’re a new natural or on the hunt for some serious moisture, the Hair Spa Day and Style Bundle is the best way to be confident in your journey.

Formulated for kinky, coily, and curly textures in mind, these five must-haves infuse the moisture along with essential hair vitamins that are critical for maintaining definition, hold and shine without unwanted frizz or weighing your hair down. Whether you end your Hair Spa Day ritual with a Wash & Go, braids or a two-strand twist out, this bundle will cater to your hairs’ every need.

Products included  in this bundle:

Cocomint Cleanser  Indulge in the sweet smell of peppermint while your scalp tingles with stimulation. Stimulation is key for hair growth. This highly concentrated and gentle formula cleanses without stripping the hair of its natural oils. Your hair spa day was MINT to have this cleanser.

Creamy Cocomint Conditioner    Another Mint must have for the most relaxing hair spa session ever! This creamy Mint Condition(er) stimulates the scalp and continues to give that deep clean feeling even after it’s rinsed off.

Mango Quinoa Hydrating Hair Lotion    Mango Quinoa Hydrating Hair Lotion is power packed with hydrating ingredients, moisturizing emollients, and penetrating oils and hair vitamins. The Hydrating Hair Lotion specifically formulated for those kinky, coily, nappy, curly hair types that are always thirsty, so it's power packed with hydrating ingredients, moisturizing emollients, and penetrating oils and hair vitamins. 

Milk and Honey Replenishing Mist Our spin on  the milk and honey bath classic spa treat; this light and refreshing hydrating mist is a must have for dehydrated hair. Use as needed to replenish your dry hair and restore much needed hydration to your strands.

Lemon Avocado Strengthening Masque:  This masque will restore your strands like never before! Watch your hair struggles wash down the drain.  No need to mix up eggs, mayo and raw avocado anymore!
Moisturizing Mineral Mud Bath: Our spin on a skin care   classic, this Mud Masque is packed with essential minerals and  formulated specifically for dry, crunchy hair!  Our Moisturizing Mineral Mud Masque treatment is sure to retrieve your hair's strength and shine that was stripped away due to chemical processing or every day wear and tear.

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