Digital Hair Repair

  • Are you tired of clicking from Youtube video to the next Youtube video?
  • Jumping from one blog post to another blogpost? 
  • Are you fed up with googling the same questions day after day?

Let me help you put an end to your fruitless search.

Maybe you're newly natural, maybe you're transitioning from having relaxed hair(Welcome), or maybe you just need some professional help. You've tried everything and now, you're just plain frustrated. 

What if I told you that that there is a way to get all of your answers, completely unique to you and your hair care needs. Not only that, but you would get your answers from a Licensed professional, not some self-proclaimed guru who is merely spouting their own personal opinions and experiences. 

I would like to introduce to you Digital Hair Repair!

Digital Hair Repair is a digital/virtual hair assessment tiered consultation system, this program will offer a unique breakdown of your hair, figure out best paths for healthy hair, growth, retention, damage control or whatever your goals may be.

We use hair science, your strand and scalp needs, plus an insane passion for cosmetic chemistry to help you perfect your hair journey and hair regimen. No need to look any further. We got you girl! 
You can expect to learn proper hair care techniques, receive product suggestions (but we hope you’ll love using ours!), best practices to use suggested products, and much more.

Just consider me your new Hair Bestie. For real though, who wouldn't want a Licensed Cosmetologist and Future Trichologist in their back pocket?!

Sign up today for discovery call to see which System benefits you the most.