Clean, high-performing ingredients Specifically formulated for Kinky, coily hair textures

Nourish and Love Co.

Who are we?

a spa-inspired natural and textured Haircare brand created by a Licensed Cosmetologist to promote intentional and mindful haircare practices while providing you with luxurious and effective haircare. 

Indulge in you

our origins

A black kinky hair woman searching for high quality, high performance hair care products to truly hydrate and moisturize my perpetually dry hair. The solution? Creating a range to embody the spa quality & spa esthetic for an in-home experience.

hair care & hair love

Our Guarantee

Scientifically formulated specifically for textured hair without filler junk. The raw materials that power Nourish and Love Co are ethically sourced, with each ingredient serving specific functions, some ingredients being organic, or vegan, all ingredients, however are always cruelty-free. 

healthy, hydrated & nourished hair.

Opulent spa inspired haircare and rituals professionally formulated for natural and textured hair.


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