Hair Spa Day Videos

This is your reminder that your #naturalhairroutine can be stress-free and enjoyable!
How you might ask?

Well, the mission of Nourish and Love Co is to help women love taking care of their hair again through amazing products, proper technique and education. Plus we are bringing you all the same vibes, aromas, and feels of a spa environment with spa-esque products that help you de-stress and turn your wash days into spa days.

Something to no longer dread but actual welcome!
Caring for your natural hair shouldn’t be such a struggle and any time you put into your hair shouldn’t feel like a waste. It should feel like pampering. Maybe even relaxing? Gasp! (CUE the ASMR)

Just like you would treat your skin and body to the fanciest spas, you should also treat your hair with the same love!

Nourish and Love Co boasts high quality ingredients specifically formulated with you in mind. No fillers, no junk, just nourishment and love for your textured hair! All formulated and made by hand by me, Stephanie. 

Take a peek at some Hair Spa Days below!

Wash and Go with CoilyKaye from Nourish and Love Co. on Vimeo.