Stephanie Ayler is the founder and maker behind Nourish and Love Company. Stephanie is a veteran (albeit, a quieter veteran) in the natural hair game, she has been a part of the natural hair community before it was even a community, before YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram even existed! When online forums is all that we had.

Stephanie’s passion for cosmetics and hair care began at a young age, from reading shampoo and conditioner bottle labels that she would find in the bathroom to getting trouble in elementary school for braiding her classmate’s hair.


At the age of 15, Stephanie began her natural hair journey after a disaster relaxer situation but her love for creating products did not begin until years later.


In 2008, Stephanie graduated from Virginia State University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Communication with a head full of locs. While in school, she created products to care for her locs and to keep them healthy. Two years after graduating, she COMBED OUT those locs and the real journey begun. In 2010, Nourish and Love Company was birthed when Stephanie made whipped body butter and a healing salve for her dog. It was with these two products along with inspiring stories of Lisa Price, Miko Branch, Jane Carter, that she realized that “Hey I can do this too”.


With a deep passion, insatiable curiosity and a purpose to provide amazing products, Stephanie began a blog where she detailed her journey with a mission to enrich, empower, and educate. That blog has since transformed and evolved into what you see now. Nourish and Love Company is a spa-inspired company providing handmade, quality hair care products for highly textured hair. Nourish and Love Company provides spa-esqe hair products to promote a stress free natural hair journey.


With her never-ending love for cosmetic chemistry, Stephanie has spent countless hours, made hundreds of product iterations, and blown through many notebooks personally formulating and developing the product range you will find within Nourish and Love Company. Nourish and Love Company’s products are engineered by the best that nature and science combined have to offer. Carefully curated, formulated with integrity and ethically sourced, each ingredient found in our products serve specific functions.