Meet the Maker


Stephanie Ayler, the visionary behind Nourish and Love Company, has been in the natural hair industry for decades.

Before the popularity of social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, Stephanie was already a part of the small, but growing natural hair community, sharing her knowledge and expertise on online forums.

Her passion for cosmetics and hair care began at an early age, and she has never wavered in her commitment to providing top-quality products to her customers.

After a disastrous experience with relaxer at age 15, Stephanie began her natural hair journey, and it wasn't long before she started creating her own products to care for her hair, which began with two simple products in her family kitchen. With a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Communication from Virginia State University, Stephanie honed her skills through online education and began to develop products that would nourish and love highly textured hair. She was led to become a licensed cosmetologist to further knowledge and get real salon experience. Her spa-inspired company has since evolved to become a top-quality brand that provides handmade, quality hair care products that promote stress-free natural hair journeys.

Stephanie's deep passion for cosmetic chemistry has led her to spend countless hours developing the product range you will find within Nourish and Love Company.

Her products are engineered using the best that nature and science combined have to offer, each ingredient carefully curated and formulated with integrity and ethically sourced. Stephanie's unwavering dedication to her craft has made Nourish and Love Company a trusted name in the natural hair industry, enriching, empowering, and educating women.