6 Ways to Conquer your Haircare during a Pandemic


Life’s changed and as a result so has your haircare. No matter what do you did prior to the Coronavirus outbreak we can all agree that your life and routines now don’t look the exact same. All over the internet you see a shift in all ways of life, life will not go back to what it was before, you can count on that.

Depending on your lifestyle, how you took care of your hair might have changed too. Did you use to go to your hairstylist every 2 weeks? Maybe you’re used to getting regular color treatments or a blow-out that floats in the wind. Now you’re home without the ability to go sit regularly into your hairstylist’s chair. You can’t remember the last time you had to actually take care of your own hair. You don’t have any products, you don’t know what products to use, or how to do some basic styles. I’ve got you covered with 6 easy nuggets that you can start using today to turn your haircare routine around!

    1. Purchase the right products
    2. Learn your hair's unique language
    3. Create rituals and routines for your hair
    4. Start with the basics first. 
    5. Hydration and Retention are key. 
    6. Give yourself grace

 6 Ways to Conquer your Haircare Routine in a Global Pandemic


  1. Purchase the right products

The proper products are so important in a healthy hair routine. If you’re not used to having to purchase your own products, you probably have some questions.  There are 5 products you want to make sure you have in haircare rituals; a shampoo, a conditioner, a leave-in conditioner, styling product, and an oil. You could probably spend hours on Beyonce’s internet browsing website after website for products. New to Nourish and Love? Check out our starter guide!


  1. Know your hair’s unique language 

Commercialized hair typing is not that important to a healthy hair routine despite the heavy emphasis you see it being given on social media. While it’s being used less as a divisive tactic, there are still negative components surrounding it. Many use hair typing as a product guide, for example if X youtube/influencer uses this product for her hair and my hair is similar then I’m going to try it too. While this can be a helpful way to discover new products it is not an exact science. What is actually important is learning your hair’s unique language. The texture, type, and density are how we determine what exactly your hair needs are in the professional haircare industry. Most people have a combination of different curl patterns on their heads. Your hair properties like density, porosity, and strand size, more directly affect how your hair should be cared for. Find out your true hair type with this e-guide.


  1. Create a ritual or routine for your haircare

You have routine or ritual in place for everything in your life except your hair? Why not? Having a ritual in place will not only cut down on the amount of stress or anxiety you might feel in regards to your hair, but having a schedule in place also means that you are regularly taking care of your hair. You want your hair to grow, flourish and live it’s best life, and that comes from having a set routine of how you take care of it.  You are also able to better see what works and what doesn’t work for your hair. You can keep a simple note in your phone with products you’ve tried and liked.


  1. Start with the basics first

Start with simple styles and work your way up. Remember, the basis of any perfect hair style is cleansed, conditioned, detangled and hydrated hair.  When cleansing, scrub with the pads of your fingers, apply your conditioner from the ends to the roots, detangling while you apply the conditioner. If you have enough length, twisting your hair in large twists after detangling will keep your hair detangled while rinsing. 


  1. Hydration and retention are key

The thirst is real in these natural hair streets curlfriends and you need to make sure that you are staying hydrated. Retaining hydration and moisture is an overlooked part when it comes to natural hair. Dry hair is a top complaint among naturals and it’s easy to go from dry hair to dehydrated hair. Make sure you read up on the difference between Moisture and Hydration here plus read this post about Dry Natural Hair. If you need an action plan, download my free guide for more helpful and easily applicable information.


  1. Give yourself grace.

It’s okay to feel like you're in a weird space right now and maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed. That is perfectly normal. If you don’t do anything to your hair because maybe you’re just a little stressed right now, just breath, drink you water,  use a leave-in conditioning hair mist, take care of your scalp and protect your hair at night. 


Switching from salon care from a stylist to in-home care where you are responsible for everything can be challenging but it doesn't have to be. If you are looking for curated guidance, product guidance, haircare action plans, and more please reach out to me via email, sign up for a Digital Hair Repair discovery call, or book time with me in my Digital Hair Salon






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