VIP Sampler Club Policy


VIP Sampler Club Policy



By accepting the VIP Hair Sampler Club Policy, you agree that all purchases and products are non-refundable. If damaged, the damaged item will be replaced.  Proof of damage must be photographed and emailed to hello[@]nourishandloveco[dot]com within 24 hours of receiving package. Afterwards no replacement item will be sent.


Nourish and Love Co assumes no liability for lost packages. Once they leave Nourish and Love Co. Facility, we have no further control over delivery. Any delivery issues should be directed to United States Postal Office. As a safety precaution due to Covid-19 please thoroughly disinfect the exterior of all packages that you may receive in the mail, including ours. We have no control over handling and what packages might come into contact with once they leave our facility.


Patch test for allergies should always be done before trying a new product. Nourish and Love Co assumes no liability.


All invoices must be paid upon receiving them. If invoice is unpaid no items will be sent out to recipient. All invoices are canceled 24 hours after nonpayment. If member has more than 2 non payments, they will be removed from the Club. Nourish and Love Co. reserves the right to change the pricing at any time due to elevated shipping and handling costs. Prior notice will be given before pricing increases or decreases. 


Recipient must follow guidelines for being a part of the sampler club, which also include completing surveys and questionnaires in a timely fashion.