4 Ways to Have Healthier Hair in the Fall

4 Ways to Get Healthier Hair in the Fall

With the cooler temperatures and shorter days of fall, it's easy to get caught up in your daily routine and not give your hair care rituals a second thought. But if you want it to stay healthy and strong throughout the winter, you need to make sure that fall doesn't take its toll on your mane. Don't let the shorter days and cooler temperatures in the fall make you panic about your hair. You can still get healthier hair today. Here are four ways to help you get started.

1. Combat dryness with a rotating hydration/protein treatment.

While protein treatments are typically thought of as a strengthening treatment, some can actually be used as a way to combat dryness. Put simply, protein treatments have the ability to strengthen your hair and help it retain moisture. Proteins in our hair and skin help hold water molecules together, when these bonds break down due to exposure or age, dehydration occurs.

You see with just a quick google search or browsing through Youtube, that you can do a treatment yourself at home with store-bought products or natural ingredients like eggs, olive oil and coconut milk. Before you get to mixing I would advise you to head to the beauty aisle instead. The protein found in eggs for example is far too big to even penetrate your hair strand, so it really isn't beneficial at all. Our Lemon Avocado Masque is the perfect compromise to scratch that pull everything from the fridge and throw it in your hair itch you might have. If your hair is feeling extremely weak, reach for our stronger Orchid & Olive Cholesterol Treatment. Protein treatments can be done weekly so that your strands stay strong all season long, but is all dependent on your hair needs. Take the time to do a check-in with your hair's current state/needs, and if you've never given them a try before now's the perfect time!

2. Switch to a deep moisturizing or hydrating masque once a week.

Daily conditioners might have been all that you needed in the summer time but now that temperatures are cooling and the air is drying out you might find that your hair needs a little extra love. On your next wash session, try a deep moisturizing treatment. Apply to your hair, leave on for 30 minutes and then rinse out. Use a heat cap or towel to help with the absorption of the product.

3. Don't skimp on your scalp care.

The scalp is a delicate area, and it's important to keep your scalp healthy. Use a good moisturizer that contains ceramides and antioxidants (these are both essential for keeping hair strong). You can also exfoliate your scalp with a gentle scrub and scalp massager once or twice weekly.

Using a protein treatment regularly will help strengthen the follicle. A natural ingredient like pumpkin seed oil can work wonders on your hair while providing much-needed hydration. Regular massages of the scalp won't hurt either! If you want to go above and beyond, try adding in extra treatments like our Healthy Hair Tea rinses for more scalp and strand benefits like reduced scalp irritation, reduced dandruff, reduced shedding and a balanced scalp pH.

4.Think about protective styling.

Wear a hat. Hats are great for keeping your hair warm, but they can also help protect it from the elements. There are so many satin-lined head gear that will elevate your style and hair care game.

Think about protective styles; like wigs, weaves, or braids. Buns and twists with your natural hair can also be a form of protective styling too.

There are ways to take care of your hair and minimize the damage of the fall season.

Fall is the perfect time to get creative with your hair. Whether you're trying out a new style, new cut or trim or just have more time to play around with your look, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your hair healthy when it comes to the elements.

The key is to remember that the fall season is particularly harsh on our hairstyles. The wind, rain and colder weather can wreak havoc on our locks—but there are steps we can take to protect our strands from the elements without compromising their natural shine and luster.

  • As a reminder, hair care starts from the inside first so, eat a healthy diet. Many foods have been shown to be beneficial for hair health.
  • Second, incorporate some essential oils or oils into your hair routine, specifically those high in fatty acids, like avocado or coconut oil, or hempseed oil.
  • Third, reduce or eliminate harsh chemical treatments. Conditioning treatments can help replace the moisture your hair loses due to environmental changes.
  • Lastly, consider switching to a cooler shower temperature to prevent further drying as too hot of a temperature can be harsh on your hair.

Overall, incorporating these steps into your daily routine will help you achieve healthier hair this fall!

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