Six Things You Need To Know About Spring Hair Care

Springtime feels like a breath of fresh air. So why not revive your hair to match the season of renewed life? Winter is finally over, but the damage from dry air and frigid temperatures remains. Spring and Summer are a welcome change, but the change in climate can do even more damage to your hair if you’re not prepared.

Just as you swap wardrobes as a new season arrives, you should also shift and reevaluate your hair care.  The change of seasons affects how you dress, eat, and even travel. It should also change how to you take care of your hair. The way that you take care of your hair in summer should be vastly different from how you take care of your hair in winter. This is doubly important if you live in a climate that experiences both of those seasons to their fullest.

Even though the Winter season is finally over, any damage from dry air and frigid temperatures remains. Spring and Summer are a welcome change, but the change in climate can do even more damage to your hair if you’re not prepared.

6 Tips to Spring into Healthy Hair!

  • Choose to use less hot tools
  • Air drying
  • Visit your stylist
  • Say goodbye to frizz
  • Condition,Condition, Condition
  • Check your diet


    Choose to use less hot tools:  Spring can be a great time to let your hair be more natural, with less manipulation, blowouts, and or using flatirons. If you do choose to straighten your hair, Use a heat protection spray before applying any heat to prevent heat damage. You can also use a sun-protecting hairspray to keep your curls and coils protected from sun, heat, and UV ray damage.

    Ditch accidental damage & air dry: Spring is an excellent time to give your hair a break from blow-drying and hot tools. Let your hair dry naturally and see how you like the results.

    Visit your stylist: Regular trims are a great way to ensure your ends stay in shape. Seeing a stylist at the change of seasons is an easy schedule to implement and remember. Your hairdresser can remove any breakage or split ends from winter or give you an entire fresh new look for the new season. 

    Say goodbye to frizz:  All that heat and humidity may be a welcome change, but it always comes with a little bit of frizz. Increased humidity after cold weather contributes to frizzy hair that might be annoying to some. Fight frizz by using an anti-frizz serum. Applying a serum to damp hair will help to seal in moisture and smoothen the cuticle. As far as styling, lighter gels, styling creams, and mousses are great stylers for the Spring season. Don’t settle for the crunchiness, though. When picking out your mousse, look for ones with polymers or copolymers, which is a type of ingredient that coats your hair for protection and combats humidity. Remember, always read your product labels and you’ll be one step ahead of the heat! The Bamboo and Beet Root Styling Glaze gives great hold without weighing your hair down. 

    Condition,Condition, Condition: Yep, conditioning is important in all seasons, especially for drier hair. Increasing your conditioning routine makes sure that your hair is in tip top shape and ready for the summer heat. Invest in some extra-moisture conditioner like our Moisturizing Mud Masque for the season. If your hairs starts to seem limp or oilier, swap for a protein conditioner( Hello Triple ‘A’ Avocado Masque) for your next wash day rituals.  Spring and Summer is also a perfect time to use Co-washes for some added hydration and moisture. Our recommendation is the Rose & Silk Softening Co-wash

    You are what you eat: Check your diet! Hair health truly does start from the inside out and the being mindful of the foods you eat will give your hair much needed nutrients. Be sure to eat nutrient-rich food that encourages hair growth and hair longevity. Omega-3s (found in Salmon and Avocado) help hair grow shiny and soft. Berries contain vitamin C, which produce collagen which greatly strengthens hair. Cantaloupes, sweet potatoes, carrots and dark leafy vegetables are a great source of beta-carotene and your body will convert this compound into vitamin A. Vitamin A is known to promote overall all hair health. 

    Everything rejuvenates in the spring naturally. The warmer weather is very ideal to give your hair a reset and improve the condition of your hair, so why not take advantage and implement these simple 6 tips for Spring to amp up your hair health!


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